Race No. 1, Round 1 & 2
09/10 April 2005


25 May 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Enzo Pastor may step aside for new driver after June Zhuhai race
Enzo Pastor of Team TEC Pilipinas may be forced to step down after the June Zhuhai race to make way for a driver who is able to bring a budget to the team. Pastor raced his Dallara 301 Sodemo powered car for the first time at the previous Zhuhai event .....
23 May 2005 (Avila)
Formula 3 Asia
Rodolfo Avila confirms joining Christian Jones Motorsport
After two weeks of assessment, Rodolfo Avila has decided to forge an agreement with Christian Jones Motorsport to drive the next eight races of the Asian Formula Three Series - two in Zhuhai, four in Sentul and the final two in ......
23 May 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Avila switches Teams to CJM
Rodolfo Avila is switching from Fujitsu Ten Toyota Team TOM’S to Christian Jones Motorsport for the remainder of this season. He will take over Jone’s Championship winning Dallara 301 Neil Brown Honda whilst the Team Owner will drive their new .....
20 May 2005
Formula 3 Asia
O’Hara moves from TOM’S to Kinetic F3
John O’Hara has left Fujitisu Ten Toyota Team TOM’S and joined his team from last year, Shell Helix Kinetic PSCO. He will drive the Dallara 301 Tori currently raced by Team President, Pepon Marave. The latter is in discussions with TOM’S to drive their now vacant Dallara 304 car. .....
18 May 2005
Formula 3 Asia
AF3 to become one make engine Formula in 2006
The Asian Formula Three Corporation has made a policy decision that effective 2006 the series will specify a single make, identical specification Formula Three engine and ECU system in a bid to reduce costs for the competitor and therefore maintain the growth of the series. ......
08 May 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Jones wins second Zhuhai Pan Delta Super Racing Festival race
Christian Jones grabbed the lead at the first corner and never looked back. He was chased home by Ananda Mikola with Tyson Sy third after starting the wet race from the back of the grid. Lee Farrell won the Promotion Class from Greg Murphy and JP Tuason. .....
07 May 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Mikola wins incident filled Zhuhai race
Ananda Mikola took a lights to flag win, in the Zhuhai Pan Delta Super Racing Festival,from Dado Pena and Christian Jones. Greg Murphy won the Promotions Class with Lee Farrell second. The race was punctuated by the safety car which was required after Avila and Marave clashed. .......
06 May 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Ananda Mikola back on top during final Zhuhai practice
Ananda Mikola was top of the time sheets on the final day of practice before qualifying for rounds three and four of the Asian Formula Three Series to be held on May 7th and 8th at the Zhuhai Circuit Pan Delta Super Racing Festival. .....
05 May 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Jones sets the pace on the first day of practice at Zhuhai
Christian Jones topped the time sheets for the first days practice for this weekends race at Zhuhai Circuit’s Pan Delta Super Racing Festival. Ananda Mikola was second from Dado Pena and Tyson Sy. ......
29 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Enzo Pastor to drive for Team T.E.C
Team T.E.C. run by Enzo’s father, Tom, have purchased a Dallara 301 Renault powered car and will join the next round of the series on May 8th. Pastor finished fourth in the 2004 Asian Formula Three drivers championship. .....
28 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Lee Farrell signs with Shell Kinetic PCSO
Irish driver, Lee Farrell, has signed to complete the season in Kinetic’s Dallara 398 TOM’S Toyota Promotions Class Car. Farrell tested for the team in February and the times he set indicate he will be immediately competitive in the class. ......
25 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Marchy Lee to test for Minardi F1 Team at Mugello
Chinese driver, Marchy Lee, will test for the Minardi F1 team at Mugello in Italy on April 27/28th. Lee, who raced in Asian Formula Three during 2002, will be the first AF3 Series driver to test for a Formula One Team. ......
24 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Marcelo to miss next round of the AF3 Series
John Marcelo is pulling out of the Asian Formula Three Series, for now, due to it being impossible to repair his car crashed at the last round in BRC, Philippines. He hopes to return for the last event of the season. ......
18 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Joson Formula Three to replace destoyed car with 304 Chassis
The Denso Hanjin Joson Formula Three Team are replacing the Dallara 301 chassis destroyed by Katsuhiro Konno at the first round with a later 304 chassis .......
10 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Indonesian brothers make it a clean sweep at BRC
Ananda Mikola won both rounds at the opening event of the Asian Formula Three Series held today at the Batangas Race Circuit in the Philippines. His brother, Moreno Soeprapto, took the top step on the podium for the Promotion Class in both races. .....
09 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Mikola takes pole position for Round one of the AF3 Series
Indonesian brothers, Ananda Mikola and Moreno Soeprapto, made it a family clean sweep taking pole position for the overall race and Promotions Class respectively. Christian Jones and Dado Pena completed the top three with Greg Murphy and John Marcelo second and third in the Promotions Class. .....
08 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Mikola tops testing times
Ananda Mikola dominated practice for Sunday’s Addict Mobile Batangas Asian F3 Superprix, setting fastest time in all but one session, and he sat that session out! Christian Jones, John O’Hara and Dado Pena were close for second fastest. Moreno Soeprapto was quickest Promotions Class driver from impressive rookies Greg Murphy and .....
07 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Katsuhiro Konno suffers fiery accident
Konno, driving his JF3 Dallara 301, hit the wall on the exit of the 200kph kink before the last turn on his first lap of the second session of the day. The car bounced off the wall ripping off the fuel rail which then caused the car to immediately catch fire. Konno was able to jump clear and was been taken to hospital for ......
05 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Asian Formula Three set for competitive season
The expanded 16 car grid for the first event at BRC on April 10th is undoubtedly the most competitive field to date. Don Tacos gives his predictions on who will be winning this year. John O’Hara swaps teams from Kinetic to TOM’S and will race their Dallara 304. Testing has not gone well, O’Hara driving the chassis used by Enzo Pastor last year. The team and driver believe there ......
03 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
AF3 Promotion Class will produce close racing
The teams have finalized their new line ups and the Promotion Class for cars built before 1999 looks set for its most competitive season to date. Resident pundit, Don Tacos, gives his predictions on who will be doing the winning. Moreno Soeprapto’s signing for JF3 has produced a good favorite to win races. He already has experience of Batangas and his race winning exploits in Formula BMW Asia demonstrates .....
02 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Moreno Soeprapto to race for JosonF3
The Indonesian racer joins his older brother, Ananda Mikola, in this years Asian Formula Three Series. Moreno will race in the Promotions Class using JF3’s Dallara 398 TOM’S car.Soeprapto joined the series for the last race of 2004, which like the first round of 2005 was held at the Batangas Race Circuit. He had spent 2004 racing for
Minardi Team Asia in the .....
31 March 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Renan Morales joins TOM’S in Promotion Class
The Filipino Touring Car ace will drive a third car for Fujitsu Ten Toyota Team TOM’S in their Promotion Class Dallara 398. This will be the first foray into Formula Cars for the 24 year old Filipino after finishing second overall in the 2004 Philippine Junior Touring Car Series. He will join Avila and O’Hara in a three ......
30 March 2005
Formula 3 Asia
JP Carino joins Speedtech Asia
2003 Philippine Formula Toyota Champion will campaign the Speedtech Asia Dallara 398 TOM’S in the Promotion Class this year.Carino is also an accomplished karter and will start as one of the favorites to take Promotion Class honors. He will join Tyson Sy in the Speedtech Asia Team making an all Filipino driver line up. Team Proprietor, Edgen Dy-Liacco, ran ......
22 March 2005
Formula 3 Asia / Press Release Rodolvo Avila
Rodolfo Avila joins to TOM's Asia
Macanese star Rodolfo Avila will take his place on the Asian Formula Three Series grid in 2005 after being named as one of the two Toyota Team Tom's Asia drivers for the new season.Seventeen year old Rodolfo Avila, who drove for ART Motorsports Ltd in the 2004 Asia Formula Renault Challenge, will drive the ......
21 March 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Dado Pena impresses on day three of Batangas Test
Dado Pena all but equalled the time set by Ananda Mikola the previous day, setting a 1m 23.3 lap time in his Team Goddard-Minardi Team Asia Dallara 301 TOM'S
21 March 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Mikola again fastest on day two of Batangas test
The Fastron Racing Team fitted new tyres at the end of the day to their Dallara 304 Nissan and Mikola banged out a string of sub 1m 24 second laps, finishing with an impressive 1m 23.29 time. “The car and engine is great, I am sure a 1m 22 can be done” reported Mikola.
19 March 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Ananda Mikola sets the pace on day one of BRC test
Ananda Mikola posted the fastest time at BRC this year, recording a 1m 23.7 lap in his Fastron Racing Dallara 304 Nissan. Mikola reported that the engine felt good but also that the car was handling extremely well. Tyson Sy ended the day
18 March 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Four Teams to test at Batangas this weekend – Mar 19 05
Speedtech, Team Goddard-Minardi Team Asia, Fastron Racing and TOM’S Asia will all be running at the venue of the first round of the series to held on April 10th.
Tyson Sy will be running for Speedtech Asia whilst new signing Dado Pena will have his first outing in the
14 March 2005
Formula 3 Asia
Konno shows promise with JF3

Driving the teams Dallara 301 TOM’S car in extremely hot conditions the Japanese worked his way down to a best lap time of 1m 27.0. “We told him not to push too hard and we are sure there is much more time to come from him” reported Team Owner Richard Joson “The temperature was really high which makes the
09 March 2005
Formula 3 Asia
JF3 to test new Japanese driver at Batangas
Denso JF3 will conduct a two day test with Katsuhiro Konno at the Batangas Race Circuit in the Philippines starting on March 10th.
The 26 year old, who has competed in karts and Formula 4 in his native Japan, comes highly recommended by 2004 JF3 Promotion Class runner, Kenkou Miura. Konno is hoping
After 2 Rounds
1. Ananda Mikola
2. Christian Jones
3. John O´Hara
1. Moreno Soeprato
2. Enzo Pastor
3. Greg Murphy
07-08 May 2005


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